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Ghost Lab to Visit Stratford in January

On Saturday evening, January 4, 2020, for one night only, Norwalk, CT’s paranormal investigation organization, “Ghost Storm” will welcome guests on their quest to deliver paranormal proof to a live audience inside Fright Haven's Haunted House. Beginning at 8 PM, the state’s foremost clairvoyants, Nick Grossmann, Peter Cerow and Micheal Corey, will bring along their paranormal investigation equipment, also known as ghost hunting gear, along with the most haunted artifacts they have collected from past expeditions, for a very exclusive, multi-faceted presentation. The event is billed as Ghost Lab: Proving the Paranormal.

The “Ghost Storm” team will conduct their presentation in a private, secluded room completely surrounded by mirrors. The evening will unfold with a session on how to use paranormal investigation tools combined with actual psychic abilities, which many people don’t realize that they have. After this, the three will attempt to make contact with the artifacts. It's very likely some or many in the crowd will see an orb zoom by… or much more. Ghost Storm has actual video footage of their doll, Catherine, physically moving. They also show video proof of their other items actually “doing things.” This will be followed by a public "scrying" session in the room of mirrors. Scrying is a mystical art. In this case, the mediums will hold candles to the mirror and focus on the image, which usually opens a portal to the spirit realm. It’s a technique used for centuries by the Roma people of Europe and also Caribbean culture.

Along with the “possessed” dolls, on display will be a pirate liquor bottle, several hundred years old, that has been the subject of hundreds of seances and paranormal activity. Additionally, guests will get to view a relic from a witch's home that resembles a deity they call Pazuzu, because it reminds them of the exorcist statue.

The interactive show, which will conclude with a question & answer period, is open to all ages. Guests under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Tickets are $39 in advance, $49 at the door, available online through https://frighthaven.ticketleap.com/ghostlab2019/. Doors open at 7:30 PM, and the proceedings start at 8 PM.

For further information please visit: https://facebook.com/events/2537369096350500/ or www.GHOSTour.com,